Scan results

In Scan results view, you can convert video files from various formats and copy them to your phone and to My video collection folder on your PC. Whenever you copy and convert a video file, the original file remains intact in its original location.

You can change the scanning root folder in the Nokia Video Manager folder settings. The list of files found during a scan remains in Scan results view until you rescan your PC.

In Scan results view, you can perform the following tasks:

  1. Sorting video files:  The columns that display file information can be used to sort videos by name, length, size, type, creation date and location. In all columns, you can sort videos in both ascending and descending order by clicking on the column header once or twice.

  2. Viewing the size of selected video files: When you select one or more video files in a list, you can see the size of the selected video files in the Selection size field on Selection size indicator. To select more than one file, hold down the Ctrl key on your PC keyboard. To select all files use CTRL + A.

  3. Removing a video file: If you want to remove a video file from a list, press the Delete key on your PC keyboard, or select Edit > Remove selected items from list in the main menu.

  4. Scanning the PC for Videos.

  5. Playing a video file.

  6. Copying and converting a video.

Scan results