Folder settings

Nokia PC Suite folders Folder settings

Nokia Video Manager lets you define the following folders to be used with the application:

  • My video collection folder: This is the default video storage folder on your PC. By default, Nokia Video Manager creates My Videos folder in My Documents. To select a new location for My video collection folder, click the Nokia PC Suite browse Folder settings button (Browse).

  • Scanning root folder: When you select to scan the PC for video files, Nokia Video Manager searches for video files in this folder. By default, the scanning folder is My Documents folder (usually C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents). To select a new scanning folder, click the Nokia PC Suite browse Folder settingsbutton (Browse).

For any changes to take place, click the accept Nokia PC Suite accept Folder settings button, or cancel Nokia PC Suite cancel Folder settings if you wish to cancel any changes.

Folder settings