You can manage the video files stored on your PC and phone in the following Nokia Video Manager views:

  • My video collection: Nokia Video Manager lets you select a PC folder for the storage of your video files. My video collection view displays all video files stored in this folder and on your phone.

  • Scan results:  This view displays a list of the video files found during the scan.

  • Transfers: This view lists all the transfers performed in Nokia Video Manager, such as video conversion and copying a video to phone.

There are two different ways to view video files:

  • The list view mode: When the list view mode is selected, all the video files in the My video collection, Scan results, and Transfer views are displayed in a list.

  • The Video player mode: When you select to play a video, the file opens in the video player mode for playback.

For information on how to switch between views and to change modes, see Changing the view.