Managing connected phones

All phones that have earlier been connected to Nokia Video Manager are listed in the phone selection menu in the upper left corner of the main window. When you select a phone, information on the phone’s memory and the size of the currently selected files is displayed below the phone icon.

If a phone is not currently connected its name is dimmed in the list, but you can still select it. In this case the phone’s memory information and files are not available, but you can use Nokia Video Manager to convert videos to My video collection in a format suitable for the selected phone. You can also change the level of conversion quality for the phone in the Video quality settings.

A phone can be connected using different connection types. In the phone selection menu, the icon preceding the phone name indicates the current connection type:

  • Cable connection Nokia PC Suite usb Managing connected phones

  • Bluetooth connection Nokia PC Suite bluetooth Managing connected phones

  • Infrared connection Nokia PC Suite infrared Managing connected phones

If the phone selection list is empty, use Get Connected in Nokia PC Suite first to establish a connection between the PC and the phone.


All operations performed in Nokia Video Manager only affect the selected phone.

If a phone is connected with multiple connection types at the same time, you can switch between connection types in the phone selection menu.

Managing connected phones