Information areas

Nokia Video Manager displays information about phone memory and the size of the presently selected files in the information area below the phone icon.

The phone memory information area contains the following fields:

Memory: This field indicates the location used to store videos on the phone. Also, the name of the location is indicated.

Available memory: This field informs you of the available memory on your phone.

Selection size: This field displays the size of the presently selected files.

A progress indicator appears under the view selector menu during scanning or transferring video files, allowing you to follow the progress of the operation.

The area below the view selector menu displays the following information:

Transfer progress: During conversion or copying of videos, this area displays information about the currently active and pending transfers.

Scan status: During scanning, this area displays the text “Scan [directory name]…” and lists the file names of videos found. When the scan is complete, the text “Scanning Completed” is displayed.

Information areas