Running a synchronisation

To be able to use Nokia PC Sync, you must have a Nokia phone connected to the PC. This is indicated by the Nokia PC Sync icon shown in the Windows notification area, at the far right end of the taskbar. In addition, the phone must be in standby mode. Standby mode means that the phone is ready for use and you have not keyed in any characters.

You can start synchronisation in the following ways:

  • Click the Nokia PC Sync icon and then click Synchronise Now in the Nokia PC Sync dialog.

  • Right-click the Nokia PC Sync icon and then click Synchronise on the shortcut menu.

  • Double-click the Nokia PC Sync icon .

  • Press the Nokia PC Sync button on the desk stand if your desk stand model has one.


You can also set Nokia PC Sync to start a synchronisation automatically when the phone is connected:

  • Go to Advanced Settings dialog Automatic Synchronisation tab and select one of the synchronisation options.



If synchronisation does not seem to succeed, create new synchronisation settings. For detailed instructions, see Creating a new synchronisation task. Then rerun synchronisation with the new settings. In some cases, synchronisation might result in duplicate contacts in your phone’s Contacts folder. Should this happen, delete the duplicate contacts in Nokia Communication Centre’s Contacts view. For detailed instructions, see Deleting contacts.

To find more troubleshooting information on Nokia PC Suite, you can browse the FAQ search database on the Nokia web pages. To do this, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Web > Nokia PC Suite on the web > FAQ. Note that this requires an Internet connection.

Running a synchronisation