Opening Nokia PC Sync

To be able to use Nokia PC Sync, you must have a Nokia phone connected to the PC. The phone must be in standby mode. Standby mode means that the phone is ready for use and you have not keyed in any characters.

You can set Nokia PC Sync to start automatically on startup or you can open it manually. Nokia PC Sync is active when the Nokia PC Sync icon appears in the Windows notification area, at the far right end of the taskbar.

To open Nokia PC Sync from the Nokia PC Suite window

  • Click Start, point to Programs, and click Nokia PC Suite. The Nokia PC Suite window opens. Click the Synchronise icon. Nokia PC Sync opens.


To open Nokia PC Sync from the Windows notification area

  • Click the Nokia PC Sync icon in the Windows notification area. The Nokia PC Sync dialog opens.


To start Nokia PC Sync automatically on startup

  • Right-click the Nokia PC Sync icon and then click Enable on Startup. On the next startup, Nokia PC Sync starts automatically.


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