On the E-mail section, you can define e-mail synchronisation details. It may not be necessary to synchronise all the e-mails with all their contents every time, since it slows down the process.

E-mail folder selection

Here you can define which e-mail folders you want to synchronise. The options are Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, and Sent Items. If an option appears dimmed, it is not available for the phone model you are using.

E-mail synchronisation range

Here you can define the oldest e-mails you want to include in the synchronisation. The shorter the time interval, the faster the synchronisation will be.

E-mail filtering restriction

Here you can define which parts of the e-mails are included in the synchronisation. The options are message bodies and attachments. For example, you may want to exclude large attachments from the synchronisation to speed up the process.

To further speed up the synchronisation, you can select the size of the e-mails to be synchronised. Select the maximum e-mail size in the Exclude e-mails larger than spin box.