On the Calendar/To-do section, you can specify the time range for the calendar and to-do items you want to include in the synchronisation.

Sometimes the phone and the PC applications use different terms for calendar events and in some situations recurring calendar items are treated differently in the phone and PC applications. In a synchronisation, calendar and to-do items are converted in the following way:


PC application






Anniversary/Annual Event



To-do note





Notes items/Notepad


The length of the calendar fields in the phones are often restricted. When synchronising items from a PIM that has no such restrictions, the items may be truncated when copied to the phone. The length of the Calendar fields varies between different phone models.

Synchronisation Range

You can change the period of time in both the past and the future that you want to synchronise. For example, you could select to synchronise calendar information starting from two weeks in the past and ending at one year in the future.

  • From

Specifies the number of days, weeks, months or years in the past to synchronise.

  • To

Specifies the number of days, weeks, months or years in the future to synchronise.


If a ‘Synchronisation completed’ message appears, but all items are not synchronised, minimise the range of synchronisation. Also check that Auto-delete is selected if listed in the calendar settings of your Nokia phone.

Synchronisation of completed to-do items

If you have any completed to-do items without a due date in your PC PIM calendar, you can exclude them when synchronising information from the PC PIM to the mobile phone. To do this, select the option at the bottom of this page. In addition, any to-do items that have been completed since the last synchronisation will be removed from the mobile phone, but remain in the PC PIM.