Image Store

With Image Store, you can store images and videos from your phone to a PC. The application checks your phone for new images and videos, captured since the last storing session. Then it stores them on the PC. Image Store helps you to:

  • create settings for the connected phone

  • store files from the phone to the PC and

  • view the images and videos after storing.


Image Store launches a viewer application for viewing the files. You can select to view the files in Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player, depending on which of these applications have been installed on your PC.


Videos cannot be viewed in Windows Media Player. Select Windows Explorer if you store videos and want to view them after storing.


When you connect a supported phone to the PC, and start using Image Store for the first time, a settings wizard opens automatically. You have to complete the Image Store settings to be able to store files from the phone to the PC. You must create separate settings for each phone that you want to use for image storing.

After you have made the settings, the Store Now button becomes active and you can store files using the existing settings. You can modify the existing settings later by pressing the Settings button. You can do this if, for example, you want to change the folder where the files will be stored on the PC.


If there is only one phone connected to the PC, Image Store detects it automatically and shows it in the main window.

If there are several phones connected to the PC, for example one via infrared and another via Bluetooth wireless technology, you must select the correct phone. To do this, press the Select Phone button.

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