Creating the settings

A settings wizard opens automatically when you connect a supported phone to the PC and start using Image Store for the first time. After completing the settings for the connected phone, you can store images and videos from your phone to the PC. To modify the settings later on, press the Settings button in the Image Store main window.

The settings wizard consists of three steps:

1. Selecting the file types (images and/or videos) to be stored.

2. Defining the target folder on the PC where the files will be stored.

3. Viewing the images and videos after storing.


Select the Do not show this page in the future option on the Welcome page if you want to proceed to the actual wizard steps instead of viewing the Welcome page each time you use Image Store.

You can interrupt set-up during any of the steps. To do this, press the close button in the upper right-hand corner of the wizard or the Cancel button. If you do this while creating the initial settings for the connected phone, Image Store returns to the main window. The Store Now button is now disabled. Please note that you cannot store images and videos before you have created the settings for the phone.

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