Checking status information

Status when no phone is connected


When you have no phone connected to the PC, Image Store shows the following status information about the previous storing session:

  • the date when the files were stored

  • the target folder on the PC where the files were stored

  • whether or not the files were erased from the phone.


Status of connected phone


When you connect a phone to the PC, Image Store shows the status information listed above.

In addition, it checks the connected phone for any new images and videos that have not yet been stored on the PC. The status information includes the number of new files by file type.

The status information also states if no images or videos have previously been stored from the connected phone to the PC.


The Store Now button is disabled if there are no new images and videos on the phone.

Status while storing images and videos


While storing images and videos from the phone to the PC, Image Store shows a progress bar and information about the files being transferred. This information includes the name of the file currently being stored.

Checking status information