Sending a business card in a message

You can send information about your contacts in an electronic business card (vCard). The business card can be sent as an attachment in a multimedia message (MMS).

To send a business card, do the following:

  1. Select File > New > Message. A blank message dialog opens.

  2. Click Switch to MMS creation mode.

  3. Select recipients for the message in the following ways:

    • Write the phone number of the recipient to the To: field.

    • Click Select recipients to open the contact database, double-click to select the recipients and click OK.

    Similarly, you can add recipients to the Cc: field.

  4. Write a subject for your message.

  5. Click Add business card. A contact selection dialog box is displayed.

  6. From the list, double-click the contact whose business card you want to send. The contact selection dialog box closes, and the business card is listed in the Attached business cards field of the message editor.

  7. To add more business cards to the message, repeat steps 5 and 6.

  8. Click Send message.


The contact’s information is sent to the recipients.


You can also send an electronic business card (vCard) from the Contacts view of Nokia Communication Centre. For more information, see Sending contact information in a message.

Sending a business card in a message