Replying to messages

To send a reply to a message, do the following:

  1. In the Messages view, select the message you want to reply to.

  2. Select Tools > Reply. A blank message dialog opens, with the sender’s information in the To: field.

  3. Write your message in the text area.

  4. If necessary, select additional recipients for the message as follows:

    • Write the phone number of the recipient to the To: field.

    • Click Select recipients to open the contact database, select the recipients from the list and click OK.

  5. Click Send message.



When sending a message to someone whose contact information is in the contact database, you can write the recipient’s name directly to the To: field and the recipient’s information is retrieved. If the recipient has multiple phone numbers, right-click the contact name to select which phone number to use.

Replying to messages