Creating and sending text messages

To create and send an SMS message from your PC, do the following:

  1. Select File > New > Message. A blank message dialog opens.

  2. Select recipients for the message in the following ways:

    • Write the phone number of the recipient to the To: field.

    • Click Select recipients to open the contact database, double-click to select the recipients and click OK.

  3. Write your message in the text area.

  4. Click Send message.


Your SMS is sent to the selected recipients.


When sending a message to someone whose contact information is in the contact database, you can write the recipient’s name directly to the To: field and the recipient’s information is retrieved. If the recipient has multiple phone numbers, right-click the contact name to select which phone number to use.

You can also create and send text messages from the Contacts view of Nokia Communication Centre. In the Contacts view, highlight one or more contacts and click Send message. The message editor opens with the recipients’ phone numbers filled in, and you can write your message in the text area.

Creating and sending text messages