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Notification options

Nokia PC Suite displays notifications for incoming calls and messages in the Windows notification area, at the far right end of the taskbar. You can open a received message directly from the notification. With an incoming call, you can answer or reject the call or send a text message to the caller by clicking the corresponding icon on the notification. In addition, the battery level of your device is shown in the PC Suite main window.


If you select to display all the notification types, the energy consumption of your device increases. Deselect all the notification types if you want to save energy.


To select the notifications to be displayed, do the following:

  1. In the main window of Nokia PC Suite, click Settings > Settings…

  2. Go to the General tab, and from the options listed below, select the types of notifications you would like to see:

  3. Notifications for incoming calls in the Windows notification area

  4. Notifications for incoming messages in the Windows notification area

  5. Battery level notification in the PC Suite main window


The notification types available depend on the device model and connection type you are using. For a detailed list of notification types supported by your device model, click Check the supported notification types.


A USB cable connection and a Bluetooth connection may support different notification types. If a notification type you would like to be displayed is not supported by a Bluetooth connection, use a USB cable connection instead if it supports the notification type in question.


PC Suite improvement initiative

Nokia operates a policy of ongoing development. As part of this policy, Nokia PC Suite collects diagnostic information about your PC configuration and the Nokia device model that you use with Nokia PC Suite. The information helps Nokia to improve its products and services, but it will not be used to identify individual Nokia PC Suite users.

No diagnostic information is being sent to Nokia without your consent. By participating in the improvement initiative and allowing the sending of diagnostic information to Nokia, you can help us develop and improve Nokia PC Suite based on users’ needs. If you want to cancel your participation later on, just change the related option in the General tab of Nokia PC Suite settings. The sending of data will be discontinued thereafter.

To participate in the initiative or to cancel your participation, do the following:

  1. Go to the main window of Nokia PC Suite.

  2. Select Settings > Settings and go to the General tab.

  3. Under PC Suite improvement initiative, select if you want to participate in the initiative.

General settings