To search the Contacts view content, do the following:

  1. Type what you are looking for in the Search box that is in the top right corner of the Contacts view. Nokia PC Suite will automatically begin looking for matches to your query. Matching items are listed in the view.

  2. Double-click an item to open it in the contact editor.


To clear the Search box, click Clear.

Introduction to the Contacts view

In the Contacts view of Nokia Communication Centre, you can create and manage the contacts on your mobile device.

The Contacts view enables you to store a lot of information about the people and organisations you communicate with. This includes multiple phone numbers and email addresses, as well as pictures of your choice.

The Contacts view supports electronic business cards (vCards), which is an easy way to transfer contact details to other devices and applications.

Working with contacts

You can begin working with contacts by clicking Contacts in the Nokia PC Suite main window. Your contacts are listed in alphabetical order. You can view your contacts in a detailed view or in a thumbnail view by selecting View > Show details or View > Show thumbnails respectively.

If your device model supports contact groups and PC Suite support has been installed on your device, contact groups are listed under All Contacts. For more information, see Installing PC Suite support and Introduction to contact groups.


Only the contacts stored in the mobile device’s internal memory are displayed in the Contacts view. If you have numbers stored on the SIM card only, you must first copy them to the device’s internal memory in order to see them in the Contacts view.

You can only browse, create, edit, and delete contact information when your device is connected to the PC.

To avoid losing important data, it is recommended that you use Nokia Content Copier to back up the contacts from your device to a PC, or Nokia PC Sync to synchronise contacts between your device and PC Personal Information Manager (PIM). For more information, see Overview in the Nokia Content Copier help and the Nokia PC Sync help.


Searching the Contacts view content


You can also create and send messages to contacts listed in the Contacts view. For more information, see Creating and sending text messages or Creating and sending multimedia messages.

Depending on the device model and connection type you are using, you can start a phone call from the Contacts view, send a text message to a person calling you, or add a caller’s contact information into your device. For more information, see Managing calls from the Contacts view.

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