Sending contact information in a message

You can send a contact’s details to other people as a multimedia message (MMS). The information is sent as an electronic business card (vCard).


You can also send business cards in an email message. For more information, see Sending contact information in email.

To send a contact in a message, do the following:

  1. In the Contacts view, select one or more contacts you want to send.

  2. Select File > Send > Business Card.

  3. If the contact information includes an image, click Yes to include the image in the message. A blank message opens, listing the business cards in the Attached business cards field.

  4. Select recipients for the message in the following ways:

    • Write the phone number of the recipient to the To: field.

    • Click Select recipients to open the contact database, double-click to select the recipients and click OK.

  5. Click Send message.


The selected contacts are sent in a multimedia message.

Sending contact information in a message