Exporting contacts to a text file

You can export contact data in the following file formats:

  • comma-separated values (.csv)

  • plain text (.txt)

  • electronic business card vCard (.vcf).


When working with a .csv file, define the used list separator in the Regional and Language Options dialog box in Windows Control Panel.

To export contacts, do the following:

  1. In the Contacts view, select one or more contacts.

  2. Select File > Export.

  3. From the Save as Type field, select the file format to use.




A contact’s information is listed on one line, with values differentiated by a separator, such as a comma. Select this file format if you want to transfer the export file into an Excel spreadsheet or into a database.


Each value is on a separate line. The field names and values are separated by a tab.


A contact’s information is exported as an electronic business card. If you select only one contact, this format is used automatically. Select this file format if you want to include thumbnail images in the export file.

  1. In the dialog box, select the target folder for exporting and give the file a name, if needed.

  2. Click Save.


The export file is created in the target folder.


You can also drag contact information to other applications or into your PC’s file system. In this case, the contact file is automatically created in the vCard format and named according to the contact’s full name.

Exporting contacts to a text file