Importing contacts from a text file

You can import contact data from other Personal Information Management (PIM) applications in the following file formats:

  • comma-separated values (.csv)

  • plain text (.txt)

  • electronic business card vCard (.vcf).


For more information on how to create the text file, see the instructions in your PIM application. For instructions on creating the text file in Nokia PC Suite, see Exporting contacts to a text file.

To import contacts, do the following:

  1. In the Contacts view, select File > Import. The Open dialog box is displayed.

  2. Browse for the file you want to import.

  3. Click Open.


The contacts are imported to the Contacts view.

If the import fails, check the following things and try again:

  • Check that the file format is correct. For example, an .msg file extension is not allowed.

  • Check that the separator character used in a .csv file is correct. You can define it in the Regional and Language Options dialog box of your Windows Control Panel.

Importing contacts from a text file