Activating/deactivating connection types

You can activate/deactivate connection types whether or not the phone is connected to the PC.


The CA-42 cable is connected to the USB connector of your computer and Windows recognises it as USB. However, in Nokia Connection Manager you have to select the serial cable connection type to monitor the CA-42 connection and define the COM port for the cable if necessary.

To activate/deactivate connection types

  1. Open Nokia Connection Manager by selecting Settings > Manage connections in the main window of Nokia PC Suite or from Phone Selector.

  2. From the list of connection types, select or deselect the appropriate connection type(s). A selected connection type has a check mark in the box in front of it.

  3. If necessary, change the selected COM port by clicking the Configure button and selecting the correct port from the COM port combo box list. Click OK.

  4. Close Nokia Connection Manager.


For using a phone as a modem, create the connection in Windows. See the section Using your phone as a modem.

Activating/deactivating connection types