Installing PC Suite support

Get Connected checks whether your phone model supports all Nokia PC Suite features. If not, it installs PC Suite support on your mobile phone. After this you can use the messaging application of Nokia PC Suite to send SMS and MMS messages from your PC, and manage contact groups on your phone (if supported by your phone model).

To install PC Suite support in Get Connected

Preconditions: You have Nokia PC Suite installed on your PC. You have connected your mobile phone to the PC in Get Connected.

  1. If your phone model does not fully support all PC Suite features, Get Connected installs the required support on your phone.

  2. Finish the installation on your phone’s display. To do this, answer OK to all the questions that are shown on the phone’s display.

  3. After the installation is complete, you can fully utilise the features of Nokia PC Suite.



Depending on the connection type you are using, PC Suite support can also be installed by Nokia Communication Centre.


To reinstall PC Suite support

Do not remove the PC Suite support from your phone. If the support is missing from your phone, you cannot fully utilise the features of Nokia PC Suite. For example, you might be unable to view the messages stored on your phone, or back up messages from your phone. If you receive an error message stating that PC Suite support is missing from your phone, you need to reinstall it. To do this, accept the installation request and follow the instructions on the PC screen to complete the installation of PC Suite support.

Installing PC Suite support