Infrared connection

If Get Connected lists infrared (IrDA) as one of the connection types, your computer is IrDA-compliant. In addition, your PC needs to have an integrated or external IrDA receiver. Not all phone models support infrared – refer to your phone’s user’s guide for more information on infrared availability and activation instructions.

To connect a phone to a PC via infrared

  1. Switch on the phone.

  2. Activate infrared reception on your phone.

  3. If you are using a Symbian phone, make sure that you have selected to use the infrared connection type on your phone.

  4. Ensure that the IR ports of the phone and PC are pointing at each other and that there are no obstructions between the two devices.



When connecting via infrared, the preferable distance between the two devices is one metre (about three feet) at most.

If your PC cannot detect the phone, check that the PC’s infrared port is activated. To find more troubleshooting information on Nokia PC Suite, you can browse the FAQ search database on the Nokia web pages. To do this, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Web > Nokia PC Suite on the web > FAQ. Note that this requires an Internet connection.


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