Get Connected wizard

The Get Connected wizard helps you to connect your mobile phone to a PC. After you have completed the wizard steps, you have established a connection between your phone and the PC, and can start using Nokia PC Suite applications.

The Get Connected wizard consists of the following steps:

  • Select which connection type to use when connecting the phone to the PC. This can be cable, infrared or Bluetooth wireless technology.

  • Establish and configure the connection.


Have your mobile phone and the connectivity accessories at hand, for example a connectivity cable if you want to use cable connection.


If you want to proceed to the actual wizard steps instead of viewing the Welcome page each time you use Get Connected, select the applicable check box on the Welcome page.


Get Connected opens automatically when you install Nokia PC Suite. You can also return to it later on if you want to establish a new connection between the phone and PC or start using another connection type. To do this, select Settings > Manage connections in the Nokia PC Suite main window.


In your phone’s user’s guide you can find more detailed information, for example on the connection types supported by the phone model.

Some phone models (for example, Nokia Communicators) have an optional security setting called autolock period, which determines a time-out period, after which the device will be locked if it is in standby mode. You need to open a locked device by entering a lock code before you can establish connection to Nokia PC Suite.

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