Connection established

After the phone and PC have been connected, Get Connected shows the connection details. These details include information on the connected phone and connection type.


You can rename your phone in the main window of Nokia PC Suite. To do this, click Settings > Rename phone and type a new name in the field showing the connected phone’s name.


Now you can start using the Nokia PC Suite applications that require PC connectivity. To access an application, press its icon in the Nokia PC Suite main window or right-click the Nokia PC Suite icon in the Windows notification area, at the far right end of the taskbar, and select the application you want to use.

If you want to start an online demo, select the PC Suite demo option on the last page of Get Connected. The demo shows you how Nokia PC Suite works and how to use the various applications. The demo requires a network connection.


You can return to Get Connected later on if you want to establish a new connection between the phone and PC or start using another connection type. To do this, select Settings > Manage connections in the Nokia PC Suite main window.

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