Cable connection

Get Connected supports the cable types listed below, which can be used to connect a mobile phone to the PC:

  • serial (CA-42 and DLR-3P) and

  • USB (DKU-2, DKE-2, CA-53, CA-70 and CA-101) cables.



Although the CA-42 cable is a serial cable, connect it to the USB connector of your computer.


Which cable to use depends on the phone model. Please refer to the phone’s user’s guide for more information on the supported cable types and instructions on how to connect the cable.


If your phone supports the DLR-3P cable, you can use the cable to connect your phone to the PC, but Nokia PC Suite does not fully support the DLR-3P cable. You can use DLR-3P to backup your phone content with the Nokia Content Copier application.

To connect a phone to a PC via cable

  1. Switch on the phone.

  2. Connect the cable to the PC when prompted to do so by Get Connected, and then connect the other end of the cable to the phone.

  3. The first time you use cable connection, you have to wait until Get Connected finishes installing the required cable drivers. Accept possible notifications that appear on the PC screen. When the settings have been completed and connection is established, Get Connected shows the connection details.



When you connect your phone to the PC via USB cable, make sure you have the default mode, Nokia mode or PC Suite mode selected in your phone if you want to use Nokia PC Suite with your phone. Nokia PC Suite switches your phone automatically to the correct USB mode if needed and if supported by your phone model. See the user guide of your phone for more detailed information on the USB modes available.


If you are using a serial cable, you can have only one cable connection established at a time. If you attempt to establish a second cable connection with another serial cable, the first connection will be lost. This restriction does not apply to USB cables (DKU-2, DKE-2, CA-53, CA-70 and CA-101). You can have several USB cable connections established simultaneously or even serial and USB connections together.


Always check you use original Nokia cables with Nokia PC Suite to ensure reliable operation of the PC Suite applications. Check the labelling on your cable.

To find troubleshooting information on Nokia PC Suite, you can browse the FAQ search database on the Nokia web pages. To do this, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Web > Nokia PC Suite on the web > FAQ. Note that this requires an Internet connection.


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