Bluetooth terminology



Bluetooth wireless technology

A technology that provides short-range radio links to allow mobile computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices communicate with each other without cables. A Nokia mobile device with Bluetooth wireless technology support allows the user to connect wirelessly to another compatible Bluetooth device within a short range.

Bluetooth stack

A set of software needed to run Bluetooth on a PC.


To allow other Bluetooth devices to find your phone, make your phone visible in the phone’s Bluetooth settings.


Pairing means that you code two Bluetooth devices (for example, a phone and a PC) to communicate so they can exchange data.

Authorised or trusted device

You can either authorise each individual connection request between your phone and your PC, or set your PC as authorised. To do so, find the Paired devices view on your phone, select your PC, and edit the PC to be authorised or trusted, depending on the term used in your phone.


Bluetooth terminology