Bluetooth device selection

  1. Wait while Get Connected searches for supported Bluetooth devices in the range.

  2. Select your phone from the list of detected devices.

  3. Click Next.



If your phone appears on the list of detected devices before the search is complete, you can click Stop search, and select your phone from the list.


If Get Connected cannot find your phone’s name immediately, the phone’s Bluetooth address is displayed instead. Click Search for more phones to re-run the search.


In the list of detected devices, each phone has icons that show the status of the phone.

If your phone is not shown in the list, the reason might be one of the following:

  • The phone is not switched on.

  • The phone does not support Bluetooth wireless technology connection.

  • You have not activated Bluetooth on the phone.

  • You have not made your phone visible in the phone’s Bluetooth settings.

  • With certain phone models, you cannot have a Bluetooth dial-up connection at the same time with Nokia PC Suite. Close the Bluetooth dial-up connection before using Nokia PC Suite over Bluetooth technology.

  • Bluetooth wireless technology has been disabled on the PC.

  • The Bluetooth adapter is not plugged in to the PC.


Check these and make any necessary corrections and then press the Search for more phones button.

To find more troubleshooting information on Nokia PC Suite, you can browse the FAQ search database on the Nokia web pages. To do this, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Web > Nokia PC Suite on the web > FAQ. Note that this requires an Internet connection.


Get Connected searches for all the devices that have been paired with the PC using Nokia PC Suite’s Get Connected wizard. If some of these devices are no longer within the range, the search may take a while. To prevent this from happening, click the Unpair button to clear the unwanted devices from the list.

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