Bluetooth connection

You can use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect a mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity to a compatible PC. If Get Connected lists Bluetooth in the connection types, you have a PC with Bluetooth connectivity, that is, with appropriate Bluetooth wireless technology software installed. In addition, your PC needs to have a Bluetooth adapter plugged in.

Get Connected supports the Bluetooth stacks that are listed in System requirements. To check which Bluetooth stack has been installed on your PC, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Help > About Nokia PC Suite… > Show System Information dialog. If the Bluetooth stacks found on your PC are not supported by Get Connected, this is mentioned in the system info.

Not all phone models support Bluetooth. Please refer to your phone’s user’s guide for more information on availability and activation.

When connecting via Bluetooth wireless technology, the phone and PC must be within a 10 metre radius of each other (about 30 feet).

If you are connecting via Bluetooth wireless technology for the first time, you might want to get familiar with some important terms. See the section Bluetooth terminology.

To connect a phone to a PC via Bluetooth wireless technology

  1. Activate the Bluetooth wireless technology connection on your phone and make sure that you have made your phone visible in the phone’s Bluetooth settings. When you activate Bluetooth for the first time, you are asked to give a name to your phone. This name will be used whenever you pair your phone and the PC and it can also been seen by other Bluetooth device users.

  2. Make sure the Bluetooth adapter is plugged in to the PC.


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