You can use infrared to connect your phone to a compatible PC. Note that in Windows the infrared connection is called Wireless Link.

When connecting via infrared, there must be no obstructions between the two devices. The IR ports of the two devices must point at each other. The preferable distance between the two devices is one metre (about three feet) at most.

You can use a serial (CA-42) or USB (DKU-2, DKE-2, CA-53,  CA-70 or CA-101) cable with Nokia PC Suite. Which cable to use depends on the phone model in question.


When you connect your phone to the PC via USB cable, make sure you have the default mode, Nokia mode or PC Suite mode selected in your phone if you want to use Nokia PC Suite with your phone. Nokia PC Suite switches your phone automatically to the correct USB mode if needed and if supported by your phone model. See the user guide of your phone for more detailed information on the USB modes available.


Do not switch off the phone while the cable is connected. Make sure that there is sufficient power in the phone’s battery before connecting the phone to the PC.


The CA-42 cable is connected to the USB connector of your computer and Windows recognises it as USB. However, in Nokia Connection Manager you have to select the serial cable connection type to monitor the CA-42 connection and define the COM port for the cable if necessary.

You can use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect a Nokia phone with Bluetooth connectivity to a compatible PC. For a working connection, you need a PC with Bluetooth connectivity, that is, with appropriate Bluetooth wireless technology software.

When connecting via Bluetooth wireless technology, the two devices must be within a 10 metre radius of each other (about 30 feet).

There may be restrictions on using Bluetooth wireless technology devices in some locations. Check with your local authorities or service provider.

Connectivity overview

You need to connect your phone to a PC to be able to do the following:

  • Transfer information between your phone and the PC. For example, to synchronise calendar appointments or transfer images.

  • Use your phone as a modem to connect your PC to network services, such as the Internet.


The connection between the phone and PC can be made using one of the following connection types:

  • Infrared (IrDA)

  • Connection cable

  • Bluetooth wireless technology

The connection types you can use depend on what your phone model and PC support. For more information, see


When transferring music files between your phone and the PC, it is recommended that you use a USB cable connection (if available). With a USB connection you can transfer large files more quickly than with other connection methods.


The Get Connected wizard helps you to connect your mobile phone to a PC.

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