Selecting a modem

One Touch Access shows a list of the modems you have installed for your connected phone. This can be a Nokia modem for the phone in question, a standard infrared modem, or a standard Bluetooth technology modem. The standard Bluetooth technology modems that are available depend on the Bluetooth wireless technology software that has been installed on your PC.

From the drop-down list of installed modems, select the modem you want to use for connecting to the Internet.

If your modem is not listed, do as follows:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel.

  2. Click Phone and Modem Options > Modems, and check if a PC Connectivity Bluetooth modem or a standard Bluetooth modem is installed on your PC.

  3. If not, pair your phone with the PC again using the Get Connected wizard. To open Get Connected, go to the Nokia PC Suite main window and click Settings > Add more phones.


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