One Touch Access

With One Touch Access, you can establish network connections using packet data (in GPRS or 3G networks, depending on the phone and network capabilities). Connection can be established via cable, infrared, or Bluetooth wireless technology.

To be able to use One Touch Access, you need to have modem drivers installed on your PC. Nokia PC Suite automatically installs the modem drivers listed below depending on the connection type you are using:

  • Modem drivers for the supported USB and serial cables.

  • Nokia infrared modem for an infrared connection.

  • PC Connectivity Bluetooth modem for a Bluetooth wireless technology connection. In addition, if you have Microsoft Bluetooth installed on your PC, a standard Bluetooth modem is installed automatically. You can use either the PC Connectivity Bluetooth modem or the standard Bluetooth modem.



An alternative method to access the Internet is by creating a dial-up connection manually from the Windows Control Panel (for example, if your phone does not support packet data). See the instructions in the section Using your phone as a modem.

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