Possible error messages

If One Touch Access cannot establish a network connection, one of the error messages listed below is displayed. Check which corrections you should make and then try to reconnect.

The selected device is not connected! Please connect the device and try again.

You have not connected your phone to the PC or connection to the PC has been lost. Connect your phone to the PC, and then try to establish a network connection in One Touch Access. For more information about connecting your phone and PC, see Connectivity overview.


Failed to connect to the network! One Touch Access could not connect to the selected device.

This error message is shown for one of the following reasons:

  • The phone is not switched on. Switch on the phone.

  • The phone is not connected to the cable when using cable connection. Connect the phone to the cable. Check also that the connectivity cable is properly installed.

  • The infrared (IrDA) link is not active when using infrared. Activate the infrared on the phone and make sure there are no obstructions between the phone and the PC. The IR ports of the two devices must be pointing at each other. If you are using a Symbian phone, make sure that you have selected to use the infrared modem on your phone. See the user’s guide of your phone for more detailed information.

  • The Bluetooth wireless technology connection is not active. Activate Bluetooth wireless technology on your phone and pair your phone with the PC using Get Connected. Also, if you have paired your phone with the PC using an earlier version of Nokia PC Suite, you need  to unpair and pair the phone again using the current version. After this the PC Connectivity Bluetooth modem is installed on your PC, and you can create an Internet connection via Bluetooth.


Failed to connect to the network! The modem may be used by another application or the modem may not be configured properly.

This error message is shown for one of the following reasons:

  • Depending on the connection type you are using, this error message might occur if the connection type in question is already selected in Nokia Connection Manager. If you are using a serial cable (CA-42) or infrared connection, check that the connection type is deselected in the list of available connections in Nokia Connection Manager.

  • The modem driver is improperly configured. Change the virtual serial port by reinstalling the modem drivers.


Failed to establish a network connection!

Dial-up Networking must be enabled for your phone in the Bluetooth wireless technology software. First, activate Bluetooth on your phone and make sure that you have made your phone visible in the phone’s Bluetooth settings. Then go to the Bluetooth wireless technology software on your PC and activate the dial-up networking service for your phone. Configure the connection by selecting the Bluetooth modem you want to use from the list of available modems.


One Touch Access failed to establish a network connection. Please check the connection settings.

Reconfigure your connection by using the settings wizard in One Touch Access. To do this, click Configure in the One Touch Access main window.


No modem found!

Several Bluetooth stacks have been installed on your PC, and you have used one of the stacks to connect your phone to the PC.

To solve this problem:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel, and uninstall the Bluetooth stacks that you are not using at the moment. Note that devices using only the uninstalled stacks may not work properly afterwards.

  • Connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable (if available) instead of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Possible error messages