Connecting to the Internet

Preconditions for connecting to the Internet:

Your mobile phone must be connected to the PC.
Depending on what connection type you want to use and what your phone and PC support, you should

  • activate the IR port of your phone. Place the phone and the PC so that the IR ports of the two devices point at each other. If you are using a Symbian phone, make sure that you have selected to use the infrared modem on your phone. See the user’s guide of your phone for more detailed information.

  • connect the cable to the PC first and then connect the other end of the cable to the phone.

  • activate the Bluetooth wireless technology connection of your phone and pair your phone with the PC using Get Connected.


To use the current settings for an Internet connection

When you start One Touch Access, it will automatically connect to the Internet after 10 seconds if you do nothing. It does this by detecting the connected phone and by automatically using it as a modem.

It will take some time to establish the connection. To cancel the connecting, click Disconnect or Cancel.

When the connection is open, One Touch Access is minimised to the task bar.

To configure the settings for an Internet connection

One Touch Access also includes a settings wizard, which allows you to configure your connection settings. To start the wizard, click Configure.


The maximum port speed shown by Windows refers to the connection speed between the phone and PC, and it depends on the connection type in use.

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