Introduction to the Calendar view

In the Calendar view of Nokia Communication Centre, you can view and manage the calendar entries from your connected mobile device. Calendar entries consist of meetings, memos, birthdays and reminders.

In the Calendar view you can:

  • View detailed information about calendar entries

  • Create new calendar entries

  • Edit or delete existing calendar entries

  • Search and filter calendar entries

  • Export calendar entries from your device into a single text file on your PC


Working with the calendar

You can begin working with the calendar by clicking Calendar in the Nokia PC Suite main window. The Calendar view opens showing the calendar from your device. For instructions on how to use the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the Calendar view, see Navigating the calendar.


You can only view, create, edit, delete and export calendar entries when your device is connected to the PC.

To avoid losing important data, it is recommended that you use Nokia Content Copier to back up the calendar entries from your device to a PC. For more information, see Overview in the Nokia Content Copier help.


For detailed instructions on how to manage calendar entries, see Creating and editing calendar entries, Deleting non-recurring calendar entries, Deleting recurring calendar entries and Exporting calendar entries to a text file.


You can easily search the whole Calendar view content. Type what you are looking for in the Search box that is in the top right corner of the Calendar view, and Nokia PC Suite will automatically begin looking for matches to your query. Matching items are listed in the list view. Double-click an item to open it in the calendar editor. To clear the Search box, click Clear.

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Introduction to the Calendar view