Calendar views

You can view your calendar in the different views described below. To go to a view, click the corresponding button next to the Search box in the upper part of the Calendar view.

You can view your calendar in the following views:

  • Month view, which shows the calendar entries for a selected month. If several entries exist for a day, the entries do not fit in the space reserved for a day in the month view. This is indicated by an arrow on the day in question. Highlight the day, right-click the arrow, and from the pop-up menu, select View This Day to view the entries in the day view.

  • Week and day view, which show the calendar entries for a selected week or day respectively.

  • List view, which shows the results when you type a word in the Search box, or all the calendar entries so that you can sort or filter the entries. For more information, see Sorting and filtering calendar entries. Note that for recurring meeting entries, only the first occurrence is shown in the list view.


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