Exporting calendar entries to a text file

You can export calendar entries from your device into a single text file on your PC in the following file formats:

  • comma-separated values (.csv)

  • vCalendar (.vcs)

  • plain text (.txt)



If you want to change the list separator used with .csv files, you can do it in the Regional and Language Options dialog box in the Windows Control Panel.

To export calendar entries, do the following:

  1. In the Calendar view, select one or more calendar entries.

  2. Select File > Export.

  3. From the Save as Type field, select the file format to use.




Information on a calendar entry is listed on one line, with values differentiated by a separator, such as a comma.


Each calendar entry is saved on a separate line. The field names and values are separated by a tab.


Calendar entries are saved in a vCalendar file. vCalendar is a standard format for exchanging scheduling and activity-recording information electronically. The format is supported by several applications, including MS Outlook.



If you have selected to export recurring entries from the list view and want to save the entries in .csv format, you need to select a time period for the recurring entries.

  1. In the dialog box, select the target folder for exporting and give the file a name, if needed.

  2. Click Save.


The export file is created to the target folder. You can then use your calendar entries from the Calendar view of Nokia Communication Centre in other programs, for example, in webmail services. To do this, import the export file in the desired program.

Exporting calendar entries to a text file