Starting to back up or restore

Use Nokia Content Copier regularly to back up your phone’s contents on a PC. Backing up regularly helps you to avoid losing important data. You can restore the contents to the same phone model from which the backup was originally made, or import the contents to another Nokia phone model.


Your phone must be connected to the PC via cable, infrared or Bluetooth wireless technology depending on the connection types available. When transferring large files between your phone and the PC, it is recommended that you use a USB cable connection (if available). With a USB connection you can transfer large files more quickly than with other connection methods.

To start to back up or restore

  1. Check that you are using the correct phone:

    • If you have several compatible phones connected to the PC, select the phone you want to use from the drop-down list in the Nokia Content Copier main window.

  2. Click either Back up or Restore.


Do not use or disconnect your phone while Nokia Content Copier is backing up or restoring the phone contents.

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