Selecting the content to restore or import

With Nokia Content Copier you can select which content types to restore or import. The content types available depend on the backup file contents and on the phone model that you are using.


If you are restoring a backup file to the same phone model that was originally backed up, existing data in your phone is replaced with data from the backup file.

If you are importing a backup file to another phone model than was originally backed up, data from the backup file is added to your phone. Also note that phone settings cannot be imported to another phone model.


Possible content types include:

  • Contacts.

  • Calendar and notes. When restoring phone contents to the same phone model that was originally backed up, both calendar and notes are always restored. When importing phone contents to another Nokia phone model, you can select either calendar or notes, or both.

  • Messages (text messages, multimedia messages and emails).

  • User files from the phone memory, hard disk or memory card depending on what is available in your phone. User files include images, videos, music and user documents. Copyright protections may prevent some images, ringing tones and other content from being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded.

  • Settings. The settings available depend on the phone model that you are using. Typical examples are applications, the radio and profile settings.

  • Internet bookmarks.


If a content type is shown as unselected and grey, it is included in the backup file, but it cannot be imported to the connected phone. Also, if some content type cannot be restored or imported because of space requirements, Nokia Content Copier displays a warning.


If you have selected a backup file made with an earlier version of Nokia Content Copier (the backup file name has an .nfc extension), the backup file contains user files and backup data (that is, contacts, calendar and messages). You can restore or import one or both of these.

To select what to restore or import

  1. From the list of content types available, select what you want to restore or import.

  2. Click Next.


Do not use or disconnect your phone while Nokia Content Copier is restoring or importing the phone contents.


If PC Suite support is missing from your phone, messages cannot be processed before you have installed the required support on your phone. For detailed installation instructions, see the section Installing PC Suite support.

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