Restoration or import completed

When the backup file has been restored or imported to your phone, Nokia Content Copier displays a list that shows whether or not the content types were successfully restored or imported.

The following status icons are used:

  • Nokia PC Suite checkmark 2 Restoration or import completed The content type was restored or imported successfully.

  • Nokia PC Suite exclamationmark 2 Restoration or import completed Problems occurred while restoring or importing the content type.



Some phone models restart after a restoration or import operation. If you are using Bluetooth wireless technology and your phone restarts, reconnect your phone to the PC.

If the phone does not have enough free memory for the entire backup file, files can be copied to the PC file system. Nokia Content Copier displays a list of such files and notifies you of the files’ location on the PC.


To view a more detailed report, including information about possible errors during the restoration or import, click View the report.

To exit Nokia Content Copier without viewing the report, click Close.

If errors occurred, click Start again if you want to restart the operation.

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