Defining where to back up

The phone contents are backed up onto a single backup file on your PC. You can restore the backup file to the same phone model that was originally backed up, or import it to another phone model. Some content can only be restored to the same phone model from which it was originally backed up.

To define where to back up

  1. Define a name and a storage location for the backup file. Here you have two options:

    • You can use the default file name (consisting of the backup date and phone model) and location.

    • You can click Browse to save the backup file with another name or to another location.

  2. Click Next.


Do not use or disconnect your phone while Nokia Content Copier is backing up the phone contents.

Backup files have a file extension .nbu. The files must be kept in their original format. Any editing may cause problems when you try to restore or import a backup file to your phone.

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